Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Surgery in Spain

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People suffering from degenerative arthritis who experience severe lower back pain as well as weakness or numbness in their legs can look forward to one alternative to spending a fortune on getting treated in their home country – that of choosing affordable lumbar spinal stenosis surgery in Spain.  Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Surgery in Barcelona

Spinal surgery in Spain is a good alternative for people from the US, Canada, the UK and other parts of Europe who have been looking for quality health care at minimal costs.


Spinal Stenosis: A Growing Epidemic

According to the article “Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: The Growing Epidemic,” by A. Nick Shamie, published in the website of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in May 2011, the incidence of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) has been estimated at 8% to 11% of the US population and is expected to affect  2.4 million Americans by 2021. With lumbar spinal canal stenosis surgery in Spain, patients can achieve great savings which is not possible in other First World countries where health care is very cost-prohibitive. This is also true with lumbar microdiscectomy in Barcelona and other forms of spine surgery in Spain.


About the Surgery

Before heading for your vertebral stenosis treatment in Spain, it’s wise to get a broader knowledge of what you’re getting into:

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis surgery is done to relieve pressure on the spinal cord by removing damaged parts. It involves the enlargement of the spinal canal to relieve pressure on the nerve roots, allowing the patient to move around more easily.
  • You can opt for the conventional surgery or the equally inexpensive minimally invasive surgery for spinal stenosis in Spain.
  • Though a relatively new procedure, minimally invasive decompression for lumbar canal stenosis in Spain is already available in the leading hospitals. A typical candidate for this is an elderly patient with nerve compression secondary to central spinal stenosis, as well as lumbar claudication syndromes.
  • Rehabilitation is necessary after going through either the conventional surgery or the minimally invasive lumbar decompression in Spain or for that matter anywhere you have yourself treated. Your doctor may give you a brace or corset for back support. Physical therapy may be required to help strengthen your back and improve your spinal stability. Patients may resume their normal activities within 2 to 3 months.


Advantages of Spinal Stenosis Surgery in Spain

  • You can stop worrying too much about the high medical bills and other related charges. The low cost treatment for narrowing of the spinal cord in Spain will not burn a hole in your pocket. Marina D'or Holiday Resort in Barcelona
  • There are a lot of JCI-accredited hospitals that specialize in back surgeries such as laminectomy and spinal fusion surgery in Barcelona. Spine surgery hospitals are equipped with the latest equipment for a successful spinal stenosis minimally-invasive surgery in Spain.
  • It doesn’t matter if the spine surgery is complex or relatively new, like multi-level artificial disc replacement in Barcelona. These surgical procedures are done by highly-qualified spine surgeons. Renowned spine surgeons in Spain are highly-competent and have undergone rigid training at top-notch institutions in the US and Europe. Many of them are registered with the British General Medical Council.
  • Language barriers will be minimal while your stay for lumbar canal stenosis surgery in Spain as majority of the good hospitals have English-speaking staff.
  • Beautiful landscape, ancient monuments, medieval castles and the Spanish guitar are just some of the reasons why Spain is the setting of many popular romantic movies. Though traveling a long distance is not advisable post-surgery, Spain has many beautiful sites where you can just relax and admire the breathtaking scenery before your surgery or while you recuperate.


Making the Most of Your Spanish Medical Holiday

  • You may bring a family member or a friend along if you want to. Spine surgery is a delicate procedure and you’ll feel better and well taken care of with your loved one(s) beside you. Just make sure to prepare all their travel requirements as well.
  • Smoking is considered a way of life in Spain, so complaining about it would be inappropriate. However, politely explaining to them that you’re recovering from a spine surgery is another story.
  • It is best to leave your important belongings in a hotel safe. Be wary of pickpockets when roaming the streets of Spain.
  • Shake hands with everyone and don’t be too shocked if you get a kiss on the cheek or a hug from them.
  • Late lunch and dinner is a thing in Spain.  


Getting lumbar spinal stenosis surgery in Spain will not only give you an opportunity to save money and travel in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but also help improve your quality of life.


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