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Chronic back pain can leave you feeling miserable and unable to perform even the simplest tasks on a daily basis. If you've been avoiding having your spinal surgery due to the unaffordable costs involved, it might be time to pursue another option. Our network of excellent healthcare providers can offer low cost spinal surgery in state of the art facilities.

Why Plan Your Spinal Surgery in Spain?

Spain boasts of a well organized healthcare system which is recognized around the globe as having excellent facilities. Moreover, Spain's hospital network employs numerous world renowned medical professionals who are experts in their chosen fields. This point is reinforced when you consider that in 2010 the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Spain as the 7th highest health care provider in the world. Spain offers low cost, high quality medical facilities for patients from all over the globe and as a result, the medical tourism industry there is booming.

Those considering spine surgery in Spain can take comfort in the fact that it has high patient satisfaction ratings for medical care and a good correlation between quality and cost. The country's medical training program is not dissimilar to that found in countries such as UK and USA. Doctors undergo a rigorous degree level training program in Medicine and Surgery followed by their residency and specialization. Many doctors are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) of the UK and thus their skills and qualifications are internationally recognized. The Spanish medical system comprises both public and private practices and, although Spanish is the official language of Spain, English is widely spoken and does not provide a barrier to communication.

Back Surgery in Barcelona - Features

Many Americans, Europeans and Africans, who are struggling to be able to afford their operations at home, can elect to have back surgery in Barcelona, Spain. It could be a cost effective and reliable choice. Patients opting to have spinal surgery in Spain find that Barcelona is easily accessible from all over the world. Connectivity from countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK is relatively quick and inexpensive making traveling to Spain for medical care a hugely attractive proposition. Spine Surgery Spain works closely with a reputable Barcelona hospital and its world class surgeons to provide clients with the best possible care available.

Barcelona is a thriving and bustling Spanish city which offers first world medical treatments at a fraction of the cost of similar treatment in affluent countries. Indeed, according to IASIST, Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital city, comprised 20 of the 44 best hospitals in Spain in 2010. This survey focused on a range of different disciplines including Nervous System Care, Respiratory care, cardiovascular care, Digestive Surgery, Trauma care, Orthopedics and Women's Care.




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Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of muscular and skeletal systems. If you've got a painful or debilitating spinal condition such as disc herniation or spondylolisthesis, or even a serious medical complaint such as a brain tumor or aneurysm, the need to have effective treatment is high. As surgical techniques improve, many orthopedic procedures have become far less invasive than was once the case.

Spine Surgery Spain works with a leading hospital in Barcelona which can provide the following popular spinal treatments:

Minimally-invasive Spine Surgery in Barcelona

A popular practice for spinal treatment involves a minimally invasive approach. Minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) is a technique which can be used to treat various debilitating conditions without the need for large surgical openings in the affected area. High tech equipment is used which minimizes the number of incisions required, thereby reducing blood loss and damage to the surrounding tissue. The major benefit of this type of treatment is in the recovery time. Minimally invasive surgery causes less stress and damage to the site of operation and as a result requires less healing time and ultimately causes less pain.

The following minimally invasive approaches can be used to treat lumber complaints:
• Lumbar micro-dissection for herniated lumbar disc
• Lumbar endoscopy for herniated disc
• Oxygen-Ozone therapy for herniated lumbar disc
• Microsurgical nerve decompression
• Decompression for lumbar canal stenoses
• Minimally invasive lumbar fusion
• Lumbar fusion with the Trans1-AxiaLIF® rod
• Kyphoplasty
• Epiduroscopy

Depending upon the type of surgery, local anesthetic or epidural analgesia can be used resulting in less pain overall and a significantly lessoned recovery time. In fact, in many cases patients are free within 24-48 hours. Thus, if you opt for minimally invasive spine surgery in Barcelona, your treatment can be performed promptly leaving you free to recuperate whilst taking in the local sights and sounds.

Cervical Spine Surgery in Europe

Doctors in our network exhibit great skill in repairing cervical spine injuries. Cervical spine is the area of the spine nearest to the skull; the vertebrae, depending on their location, are numbered C1-C7. Injuries to this area of the spine are common and are generally caused by trauma rather than disease. Cervical spine surgery can be used to correct a variety of conditions including:
• Herniated cervical discs - a herniated disc is one which in which the inter-vertebral disc is damaged so that it bulges out beyond its ordinary location. This type of injury can result in severe pain or numbness, depending on where the disc has moved. Cervical spondylosis or spinal cord compression
• Cervical laminoplasty
• Cervical laminectomy and fusion
• Cervical C1-C2 fusion

Cervical spine treatment is usually performed under a general anesthesia and therefore initial recovery time can take 2-3 days. Opting for cervical spine surgery in Europe means that you can take advantage of world class surgeons from a healthcare system that the World Health Organization consistently ranks above countries such as the USA and the UK.

Choosing to have spine disc replacement abroad is often a good way to have your surgery for significantly less than you'd pay in other developed countries.

Cranial Surgery in Barcelona, Spain

Cranial surgery refers to any procedure which is performed on the skull. Expertise in neuroscience means that opting to have treatment in Barcelona, Spain ensures you have access to state of the art facilities and high quality care. Procedures available include:
• Excision of tumors
• Vascular surgery
• Pituitary gland surgery to treat tumors or endocrine disorders
• Trauma and reconstructive surgery

Benefits of getting Back Surgery in Barcelona, Spain

Choosing to have your minimally invasive spine surgery in Barcelona or cervical spine surgery in Europe should not mean that you're selecting an inferior set of medical healthcare professionals. Many Spanish doctors work abroad as part of their training and bring their expertise back to their home clinics. Specialists are often members of learned societies, keeping up to date with the latest medical advances and publishing their own findings. Once they've gained recognition in their chosen field, many surgeons participate in their own research programs, consequently increasing the number of effective treatments available.

Spinal surgery in Spain can give you all the benefits and expertise that you'd find in your own country, but at a fraction of the cost of many first world facilities. For examples, artificial disc replacement cost in Spain can save you as much as 50% when compared to many other affluent countries.

Spine Surgery Spain aims to make selecting your treatment and organizing your procedure as simple as filling out an online form. Accurate assessment and diagnosis is critical to care management, but you might only be required to provide an MRI scan to book your initial consultation. This means that treatment can be offered quickly and that quotes are likely to be accurate.

Spine Surgery Spain works with a state of the art facility which is located in Barcelona. Barcelona is a large city, but most of its medical centers are easily accessible by public transport or the taxi service from the Barcelona International Airport. Hospitals routinely offer first rate facilities such as air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, satellite TV, internet access and telephone access. High levels of cleanliness and sterilization are maintained. Nursing staff is frequently described as professional, friendly and caring. Once you arrive, a personal consultation will be arranged with your consultant and a full medical will be provided including MRI and blood tests as required.

In Spain, waiting lists for treatments are often minimal and therefore surgery can be scheduled according to your availability. This isn't due to a decrease in standards, however, and is mainly as a result of the lower cost of living in Spain. When booking your procedure, make sure you check what's included.

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination and frequent, cheap flights are often available from countries such as the UK and the USA. Indeed, even when you factor in the travel and lodging expenses, the cost of spine surgery in Spain will be significantly less than the cost of surgery in other developed countries. Many hospitals are able to offer assistance with transport arrangements including shuttles to and from the airport and this can make the whole travel process relatively straightforward and stress free. If you bring a companion with you whilst you have your treatment, accommodation may be provided to assist with their stay as well as your own.

Barcelona is the 16th most visited city in the world and when you take into account the tourist activities available, it's easy to see why. Barcelona is a sun drenched, multicultural city which boasts many famous tourist attractions such as artwork by Picasso, Gaudi architecture, its own medieval Gothic Quarter, the bustling markets of Las Ramblas and the magnificent Sagrada Familia. You must check with your doctor if you can indulge in some tourism activity after your surgery; recuperation in Barcelona is sure to provide a holiday to remember.

When you're suffering from back pain, even the simplest movement can lead to agony. Whilst it may be prohibitively expensive to pay for treatment in many developed countries, electing for spinal surgery in Spain could well be an affordable option. Despite an excellent healthcare program, world class doctors and high quality facilities, the cost of living in Spain is significantly lower than many other European countries. Spine Surgery Spain works with a leading healthcare provider to ensure first rate treatment for your condition at reasonable prices. Thus, choosing to have your back surgery in Barcelona, Spain could provide you with a cure for your ailments without breaking the bank.

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